Bravo’s newest show addresses career focused fashion!

The Bravo television network has premiered its newest show, The Headhuntress, which features executive recruiter and career coach Wendy Doulton. The show offers some great advice on “career focused fashion.” Wendy offers some great tips on the importance of having a staple career outfit and sporting relevant attire based on one’s industry.

Check out the video below to hear great Wendy’s advice on career attire!

Remember, fashion doesn’t change in the corporate world!

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Accessories Magazine Fashion Editor on How to “edit” your look!

This past summer I had a great experience interning for Nicole Philip-Kronenber, the Fashion Editor at Accessories Magazine. Because of Nicoles guidance, I not only learned so much about the industry but also developed better interpersonal skills while seeing what it takes to walk in her shoes! Nicole can certainly think on her toes in unexpected situations, carrying herself with grace and composure. Fortunately, Nicole shared her secrets how you too can  get your foot in the door!  When asking Nicole what her advice or tips were for Dressing for Success she explained how it is important to edit your look, however remaining true to yourself.  Nicole shares how to stay a step ahead when you dress for success!

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Pull it back so nothing holds you back!

 Get Your Head in The Game!

You worked so hard preparing for an interview; don’t let anything
get in your way! By that I mean don’t let the distraction of a piece of hair in
your face steal the attention…

The Huffingtonpost states, “Your hair is as important as the
clothes you wear to the interview. Make sure your hair is clean and simply
styled. Cut your hair if it is excessively long or scraggly. Avoid extreme
styles or cuts that leave hair hiding your face. Make an appointment with your
hairdresser for a blow dry the day of your interview. If you color your hair,
make sure it looks natural and that your roots are not noticeable. Now is not
the time to experiment with a new hair color.”

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Dressing Proper from the Professionals: Huff Post Style Editor

The Huffington Post Style News Editor, Jessica Misener shares her professional style advice on dressing for interviews. Read why dressing too professional can sometimes work against you and other interview tips Jessica offers!

When someone comes in for an interview, what are your expectations on what the interviewee should be wearing?

At my previous job where I hired bloggers, I was actually more inclined to follow up with the candidates who dressed more casually. This might seem counter-intuitive to most job interview advice you receive or read — “Dress to impress! Wear pantyhose!”– but if you show up to a blogging interview wearing a suit, which actually happened in one instance, it works against you in two ways: the interviewer might think you’re overqualified or have expectations for the position that are too high, or, that you just don’t understand what a web position entails.

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What you wear depends on the industry you are applying into. Dressing
the part also shows employers that you came to the interview prepared. It is
also important to make every effort to have the proper dress for the type of
job you are seeking. If you’re interviewing in the fashion industry, knowing
the style of the company, the designer, or what their line represents, shows
you care and can help your chances.

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Show You Are “Suitable” For The Job.

In many cases, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, making it
that much more important to go outside of your comfort zone and get out there.
That being said, first impressions while making contacts and networking are
crucial since the first thing an employer sees is our attire.

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Rachel’s Right!

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”
– Stylist Rachel Zoe

Our attire reflects who we are and how we want others to perceive us. Statistics prove that our appearance can make or break you on an interview. According to a study from former UCLA professor Albert Mehrabian, first impressions are formed in seven seconds, 38% of which first impression is based on inflection and tone of voice, 7% on what you actually say, and a large 55% of a first impression comes from nonverbal cues. This statistic implies that more than half of every first impression is based on how you look.

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